VALUABLE LINKS - affordable Tinga Tinga paintings - the commercial website of Tinga Tinga Cooperative - the official website of the Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society in Tanzania. - resources on Tingatinga on Internet. - This is the website of the new memory card game - a great souvenir from East Africa - Contemporary fine art in Tanzania. It contains rare articles about Makonde artists, articles written by painters, over 70 CV´s of artists in 5 languages and much more. - the website of Prof. Elias Jengo


AFRICA REMIX - official website of the exhibition during which George Lilanga died - rich source of information. You can buy great book on Lilanga and see some videos

Wikipeida - information on George Lilanga on Wikipeida - coroulful website about George Lilanga.

Museum Kunst Palast - Website of Museum Kunst Palast . It contains information about the director Jean-Hubert Martin who organized the 1989 exhibition in Pompidou Centre in Paris -, contemporary african art gallery and international art shop - Contemporary African Art Gallery featuring Paintings, Sculptures and Batiks from George Lilanga


Lilanga Africar - the photos about the Lilanga Africar from flick

Shikra - the internet shop selling Lilanga Art

Lilanga Collection from CAACART

Jean Marc Patras Gallery - selling Lilanga Art